Necklace Length Guide

Not sure which necklace length to pick? Here’s our recommendation:

Necklace LengthTotal LengthRecommendation
35cm + 5cm extension40cm (adjustable from 35-40cm)Choker style and suitable for petite girls
40cm + 5cm extension45cm (adjustable from 40-45cm)Popular choice, most common necklace length
45cm + 5cm extension50cm (adjustable from 45-50cm)Suitable for plus size

Please contact us if you need a shorter or longer necklace length. Requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

Visual Guide


Fits like a choker and wraps closely around the neck.


Falls perfectly around the base of the neck. On a petite woman, it hangs loosely around the neck and falls just at the collarbone. On a plus size women, it might fits more like a choker.


The most common choice of necklace length for women. It sits elegantly below the collarbone.


Falls below the collarbone. On a petite woman, it hangs closely to the bust line. If you are tall or have a larger neck, try this length as your go-to size rather than the standard necklace length.

Model height/weight: 155cm/45kg
All of us come in different shapes and sizes; necklace length may look differently on each individual.

How to find the perfect necklace length

The perfect necklace length is very individual. Here is a helpful guide on how to choose the perfect necklace length:

Measure your existing necklace with a length that you like, by using a measuring tape or ruler.

Measure with string. Wrap a string around your neck like a necklace and adjust it to your desired length, then measure the string with a measuring tape or ruler.